Adobe Photoshop Classes & Support Sessions

with Monique Delanoue

Adobe Photoshop Classes and Support Sessions

1st Tuesday of every month from 4pm- 8pm

Layers and Blending

Masks, Selections and Transparencies

Actions and Batching

Retouching for Faces

Smart Objects

Smoothing and Sharpening

Brushes, Textures & Custom Shapes

Preparing Image Files for Web and Print

Creating and editing Composite  Images

*Sessions are limited to just 6 students, BOOK NOW!

Layers and Blending

Navigating though Layers

Setting up your workspace

Using Blending Modes

Using Layer Styles


Using Layer Masks

Hiding & Revealing

Blending Seems

Using Text to Mask

Using Refine Edge


Installing & Using Actions

Speed Up your Workflow with Batch

Editing & Modifying

Recording Your Own

Retouching for Faces

Commonly Used Tools

Lighten/Brighten Tips for Teeth & Eyes

Spot/Hair Removal

Boosting & Reducing Tones 

Smart Objects

Editing Smart Object Files

Create Your Own ‘Smart’ objects

Smart Sharpen

Set-up Smart Templates


Composite Images

Using Layer Groups

Naming Layers & Setting Large thumbnails

Using Fill & Adjustment Settings

Colour Lookup options

Brushes, Textures, Patterns & Custom Shapes

Where to Find them & Install them

Creating Your Own

How to Save them & where to Load them

Online resources

Save for Print & Web

Colour Profiles


File Types

Print Types

Adobe Photoshop Classes and Support Sessions

The aim with these sessions is to help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the tools and features of Adobe Photoshop (whichever ‘version’ you have), with step by step support and assistance. These monthly Photoshop Classes and Support Sessions are designed to help you to make the most of your time editing and post processing, and offer you ongoing support at a price you can afford. The sessions will be more casual and less structured than any other photoshop workshops you may have attended in the past, this is so that we can be reflexive to your unique needs and address your specific issues and questions.

We wont just be talking about doing it – we will be getting it done! So bring your lap top and use our WiFi.

Only $25 per person per session.

The session time frame runs from 4pm to 8pm to fit into your busy schedule.

The Venue is the Artists Behind Cameras Photography Centre, located at Maroochydore

4/12 Newspaper Place, 4558. View Map

You are not required to attend the whole  4 hours (but you can if you want) – you can leave early or show up later to suit yourself.

There will be a short break at 6pm. Tea and Coffee are provided, but not food/snacks – your are very welcome to bring along something to eat, snack on, or snacks to share.

1st Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 8pm, commencing the 4th of March 2014

Improving your Photoshop skill-sets allows you to be more creative with your photography so you CAN control exactly how you want your image to look. A good understanding and grounding in the photography industry’s standard software for image manipulation is essential for all types of photographers – as you just never know when you might have to ‘fix it in post’.


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