Bigmouth Funnels –  Invented by Robin Bristow in June 2012.

Robin came to LisaSista looking to build brand awareness for his new product ‘BIGMOUTH FUNNELS’ looking to enter the The Sydney Design Awards 2012 Robin wanted a vivid attention grabbing look, that was bright, fun and had elements of his design background. Starting with a product shoot, themed in a light & airy style, with eCommerce in mind, this collection  the created to showcase the beauty and functionality of these funnels while the ‘action’ pouring and holding shots show quickly and clearly the scale and use.


 ABOUT : Bigmouth Funnels

I needed a solution to the problem I had when transferring jams and sauces into bottles  –  I kept messing jam everywhere so I made a funnel out of the lid of an ice cream container. I used it so often that I decided tomanufacture them.

“Fantastic, Innovative and Useful.” Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

 “Great, functional and stylish, wish I had thought of it.”  Blue Design Inc. California


“Invaluable, amazing and seriously smart – why didn’t someone think of this sooner.”


I designed the smaller funnel to solve the problem of refilling salt and pepper grinders. Their most outstanding feature is that they pack flat and can be used for foodstuffs that standard funnels cannot be used for – eg: rice, oats, spices etc. To establish how the broader design community viewed the function and aesthetics of the Bigmouth Funnels they were entered into several design competitions. They were very successful – winning the 2012 Sydney Design Awards and were awarded Good Design® by the judges of the 2013 Australian International Design Awards.

Winner of The Sydney Design Awards 2012.

Bigmouth Funnels™ are ideal for bottling jams and chutneys. The smaller funnel is perfect for refilling salt and pepper grinders. Bigmouth Funnels pack flat, are adjustable and dishwasher safe. Australian designed and manufactured.
The funnels are currently only available in green and blue and I have been receiving many requests to increase the available colour range.
By using Kickstarter I have reached my target
and will be shortly producing the funnels in 2 new colours
Our proposed new colors - funky!

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